An unstoppable force in urban commuting and ready for adventures out of town, the SR GT is agile, sporty and able to take on anything with its long-stroke suspension and sculpted wheels. Protective, functional and offering an active ride that ensures improved control on the road, this is a bike that makes riding fun and dynamic wherever you go.



All-surface tyres

All-terrain tyres mean this bike is ready for any type of challenge. Whether navigating urban traffic or off-road tracks, with the SR GT adventure is around every corner.

Cutting-edge engine

Its modern i-get engine delivers outstanding performance with the lively 125 producing 11 kW and the new 200 an impressive 13 kW for smooth and agile riding in all conditions. Both versions are equipped with Start&Stop RISS.

Protective front

Inspired by endurance bikes, the double fairing with suspended windshield delivers outstanding aerodynamic protection even when dashing around town in daily traffic.

Full LED lights

LED daytime lights offer excellent visibility even in poorly-lit conditions.

Improved comfort

The SR GT features a suspension package with a larger diameter than its closest rivals. The long stroke calibration allows greater control on all types of terrain, for improved comfort, handling and safety.

Wave brake disc

For more efficient, smooth and improved braking, regardless of road surface conditions.

A dash of daily adventure

The SR GT is designed to satisfy the instinct for adventure that means going beyong urban limits and exploring different terrains. Available in SR GT 125 and SR GT 200 versions, with a choice of two variations, including the grittier Sport with its red wheels and two-tone seat.

A style to match your own

The SR GT comes in a choice of Aprilia Black, Street Grey and Infinity Blue, with the wheel rims and seat in midnight black while the foot pegs, flanks and passenger grip handles are in a silvery-grey colour. The Sport version evokes Aprilia sports bike liveries, with a choice of Street Gold, Iridium Grey and Red Raceway, and racing details such as red painted wheel rims and grey and black seat with red stitching.