Tuono 125

6 980 EUR


Tuono 125 is the entry-level bike of the legendary tuono, the unbeatable V4 hypernaked that is the symbol of power and control. Tuono 125: all the passion and adrenaline of the Tuono family in just 125 cc. The lowered price refers to model year 21.
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6 980 EUR
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Digital instrumentation

Tuono 125 has new fully digital instrumentation with a wealth of useful trip information (including the fuel gauge, instantaneous and average consumption, and residual range). The instrument cluster is backlit with the rider’s choice of two colours (white or light blue) and installation ready for the Aprilia MIA multimedia platform; this lets you connect your smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth, turning it into a full-fledged on-board computer.

All the passion and adrenaline of Tuono

Is the latest heirs to the Aprilia tradition of making best-in-class 125 motorcycles, strictly built in Italy. Bikes designed for absolute fun, for the youngest riders and born out of the unique experience accumulated by Aprilia Racing which, in the 125 class alone, boasts 10 Rider World Championships, 10 manufacturer titles and 151 wins.

On the road and on the track

Fitted with an aluminium frame made of die-cast aluminium spars with crossed reinforcement ribs, the result of Aprilia’s proverbial know-how in building superior chassis architectures, capable of ensuring maximum stability and handling levels, both on the road and on the track.

The only 'made in Italy'

New design, new and more powerful engine, digital instrumentation, new ecu and, like every big aprilia, the exclusive aluminium frame, a guarantee of quality and effective riding.