Tuono V4

The inimitable Tuono

The inimitable Hypernaked offers two exciting choices. The Tuono V4 Factory confirms its reputation as the ultimate adrenalin machine, setting hearts thumping and pulses racing and delivering uncompromised, unbeatable fun both on the road and track. On the other side, the new ergonomics and specially-designed accessories make the Tuono V4 the perfect companion for touring and adventures, without, of course, sacrificing on speed.


Setting the benchmark

The Aprilia Tuono V4 continues to raise the bar in the Hypernaked category with never-before-seen levels of performance and sophistication, the result of Aprilia know-how and the unrivalled experience of the inventors of this class of bike. They took a superbike and created a vehicle that delivers sheer joy on the road and track alike. It’s little wonder it has been described as “the most extraordinary sports bike you can buy, with performance and finishes second to none”.

Absolute power, total control

The Tuono V4 remains the only naked powered by the unique four-cylinder narrow 65° V engine. It may be Euro-5 compliant, but that hasn’t come at the cost of the inimitable sound and famed outstanding performance. With its 175 horsepower and 121 Nm, together with the dazzlingly balanced chassis and advanced electronics package, this extraordinary 1077-cc V4 is set to continue to dominate the entire Hypernaked category.

A new style

The new style of the Tuono V4 is inspired by the RS 660, with its innovative double fairing with aerodynamic appendix function, characterised by reduced surfaces and the new triple LED light configuration with DRLs that include “bending lights”. The new design puts the focus on ergonomics with a revamped fuel tank shape and tail faring creating more space and a better fit for the rider.

The Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory and Tuono V4

The Factory title is bestowed upon those Aprilia bikes that have proved their mettle on the track and comparative tests around the world. The Tuono V4 Factory continues to push the boundaries and forge ahead of rivals, new and old, that every year try to knock it off the top podium in the class invented by Aprilia.

The Tuono V4 is no slouch either in the speed department, but with new ergonomics and specially-designed accessories, it is the perfect companion for touring and adventures near and far.


Daytime Running Lights

The fairing contains a triple front LED light combination with perimetral DRLs positioned around the two main headlights in an illuminated signature that makes the Tuono V4 instantly day or night.

Top electronics

With six Riding Modes, three each for both road and track, riders simply need to select the preferred setting and parameters such as Traction Control, Wheelie Control, ABS and the engine brake will be automatically adjusted to deliver the mode selected.

A revolutionary chassis

The already legendary chassis and incomparable riding experience are taken up another notch with the addition of a new, lightweight aluminium swingarm with a lower reinforcement brace. There’s no need to be patient while you get to know this bike, as it’s a case of instant bonding and trust as you execute perfect trajectories with confidence and ease.